Defibs4Samui aims to supply 15 defibs (heart defibrillators) to all public emergency vehicles on the tropical island of Koh Samui. Today there is only 1 defib in the 16 public vehicles which are despatched when the Medical Emergency number 1669 is called.



Samui Rescue is a volunteer medical emergency organisation, which is first on the scene in 95% of emergency calls, with an average arrival time of 4 minutes.

They respond to all emergency situations, such as motorbike and car accidents, heart attacks, drownings etc. Samui Rescue has 10 emergency vehicles stationed in 5 locations around the island. None of them have a defib.

Koh Samui Hospital, in the town of Nathon is the only government hospital on the island, and the other provider of public medical emergency services. It has 6 ambulances, but just 1 defib!

Defibs4Samui will donate the highly rated HeartSine Samaritan PAD 350P.

HeartSine will donate a free defib to Samui when one of their machines is used to save a life.

Bangkok Hospital will provide certified CPR and defib training to all Rescue Teams. Follow up training will be conducted every 4 months by a qualified RLSA instructor.

A defib is a lightweight, portable device that delivers an electric shock through the chest to the heart. For a person experiencing sudden cardiac arrest, this shock has an impressive 70% success rate in saving a life, when used in conjunction with CPR.

Koh Samui is home to over seventy thousand people and 3 million international tourists per year (pre-covid).

Defibs4Samui is addressing the urgent need for these life saving machines to be accessible to all residents and visitors.

Many long term residents, expats and tourists are unaware of the Emergency Call numbers on Samui.

In conjunction with Defibs4Samui, an information campaign will permanently promote the emergency contact numbers and procedures to all.